Attachment and Connection

In this one day learning experience, participants are presented with the latest research on early infant development, parent-child attachment, and how positive caregiving promotes emotional regulation, socialization skills, and later adolescent/adult development. Additional content will cover attachment-related mental health disorders, and current best practices for enhancing parent-child relationships and promoting positive infant and child development. This training is a must for those who work in child care, schools, child protection, and family services.

Participant Outcomes

  • Understand the unique developmental, regulatory, and cognitive processes involved in child development between the ages of 0-3.
  • Identify how to provide quality attachment parenting/caregiving.
  • Learn the effects of caregiver mental health and child development.
  • Identify the effects of long-term, chronic neglect on mental health, and its connection with attachment disorders, such as reactive attachment disorder and disinhibited social engagement disorder.
  • Review current best practices for fostering high-quality infant attachment and parent-child interactions.


Attachment and Connections™ is an immersive training that blends presentations on cutting-edge research and participatory experience. Attendees will complete this course feeling competent to begin using these skills to help others reach their goals.

At the completion of the training, each participant will receive an Attachment and Connections™ certificate from the Gulf Coast Trauma Institute and up to 6 CEs (if available).
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