Trauma-Responsive Yoga™

Trauma-Responsive Yoga™ are gentle, transformative, body-centered movements for trauma healing. The premise of this work is that we can’t “think” our way to feeling safe, rather we access feelings of safety through movement, connection, and acceptance of the body. Trauma-Responsive Yoga™ provides a safe, structured way for trauma survivors to reconnect with themselves, which can help with emotional regulation, self-esteem, and support other therapeutic approaches. This approach is guided by principles from emerging evidenced-based practices such as trauma-sensitive yoga, sensorimotor psychotherapy, and body-based psychotherapy.

The Trauma-Responsive Yoga™ framework bridges:

  • The latest research regarding the effects of stress and trauma along with the benefits of mindfulness and movement-based practices on physical and mental wellness.
  • Social, cultural, and religious considerations to practice and trauma treatment.
  • Clinically-informed best practice approaches for working with highly traumatized and maltreated populations.

Skills and Concepts Learned

In this three-day, experiential workshop, you will learn how to incorporate gentle movements, yogic-based postures, breathwork, and mindfulness practices to help those who have become disconnected from their body due to long-term stress, trauma, medical issues, and more. Based on this new knowledge, you will develop strategies for incorporating Trauma-Responsive Yoga™ in group and individual settings.

Participant Outcomes

  • Learn the latest science of stress and trauma, and how it negatively affects the brain, body, and overall well-being.
  • Recognize critical concepts such as language, choice-making, neuroception, interoception, proprioception, shared/authentic experience, and non-force.
  • Practice several trauma-responsive movements and scripts to immediately apply in your practice.
  • Assess the autonomic nervous system and go beyond the ACEs.
  • Apply several resourcing, self-regulation, and co-regulation practices that speak to the ventral vagus (system of safety & connection).
  • Investigate the elements of a trauma-responsive movement group and potential reimbursement opportunities.
  • Respond to triggers and trouble-shoot the challenges that may arise when working with the body and consideration of special populations.
  • Familiarize yourself with your autonomic nervous system; get regulated so you can be regulating!


The Trauma-Responsive Yoga™ workshop is highly experiential that blends presentations and group practice exercises. Attendees will complete this course feeling competent to begin using TRM with their clients immediately.

At the completion of the training, each participant will receive a Trauma-Responsive Yoga™ certificate from the Gulf Coast Trauma Institute and up to 18 CEs (if available).
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