Resilience Building

In this two-day highly experiential training, participants learn the skills that can reduce the effects of long-term stress, trauma, and increase self-regulation skills, social connection, and overall wellness; all of which can promote worker satisfaction and retention. Content will include real-world strategies for enhancing resilience, calming the body and mind, and approaching problem solving using evidence-informed strategies.

Participant Outcomes

  • Learn the latest science on the effects of long-term stress, burnout, and resiliency.
  • Develop a skill base that utilizes the body-based skills to reduce stress and manage anxiety.
  • Learn strategies for problem solving, promoting healthy activities, and increasing social support.
  • Create individualized plans that can be used when dealing with stressors, triggers, and adversity.
  • Understand how to integrate these skills as part of a wellness plan in businesses, mental health organizations, and as part of social-emotional learning curricula in schools.


Resilience Building™ is a highly experiential workshop that blends presentations, skill demonstration, and practice. Attendees will complete this course feeling competent to begin using these skills to help others reach their goals.

At the completion of the training, each participant will receive a Resilience Building™ certificate from the Gulf Coast Trauma Institute and up to 12 CEs (if available).
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