Trauma Informed Care Foundations

In this two-day learning experience, participants gain a new perspective of how adversity, stress, and trauma can have a profound impact on a person’s attitude, behavior, and mental and physical health. Based on this new knowledge, participants learn how to use trauma-informed strategies and skills that promote safety, regulation, and connection. Additional content will focus on increasing employee retention and satisfaction, reducing problem behaviors, and practical methods for better serving others.

Participant Outcomes

  • Understand the new science behind stress and trauma, and how it impacts us and the people we serve.
  • Uncover ways your organization can increase worker satisfaction and retention.
  • Identify methods of increasing client outcomes (e.g., mental health, behavioral, emotional, etc.) using trauma-informed principles.
  • Build response plans that can help de-escalate and stabilize those who are in crisis.
  • Develop an action plan that details the next steps for the organization to become a trauma-informed organization.


Trauma-Informed Care Foundations™ is an immersive training that blends presentations on cutting-edge research and participatory experience. Attendees will complete this course feeling ready to promote change within their organization and to expect success. Based on your needs, we can adapt Trauma-Informed Care Foundations™ to better fit your organizational setting, be it schools, in-patient and mental health settings, businesses, and healthcare. Please contact us for more information.

At the completion of the training, each participant will receive a Trauma-Informed Care Foundations™ certificate from the Gulf Coast Trauma Institute and up to 12 CEs (if available).
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